Meet the team

Our Trustees

Our Trustees govern the charity and direct how it is managed and run. The trustees hold our Senior Leadership team to account.

Our Senior Leadership Team

Meet our Senior Leadership Team who ensure the charity meets its objectives and crafting the organisational strategy.

Our Leadership Team

Meet our Leadership Team responsible for the day-to-day operations and strategy implementation.

Our Recovery Support Team

Reduce harm those with addictions often suffer. Ensuring addicts are safe as possible.

Our Community Support Team

Lead on our community outreach, drop-in services and food banks. Offering a wide range of community support.

Our Housing Support Team

From supporting our supported living accommodations to helping service users move on the housing team does it all.

Our Fundraising and Communications Team

Leading on the organisations communications, partnerships, and income generation for the organisation to remain connected and prosperous.

Our Emotional Wellbeing Team

Support al our service users Emotional Well-being and physical activity.

Our Facilities Team

Maintains all the facilities of the entire organisation ensure we are safe and complient.

Our Human Resources Team

Ensures all employees are heard, trained and safe in our workplace.

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Falcon Support Services is a Registered Charity

Charity number: 1103101. Company number: 04177320