Leah's story

Leah became homeless after leaving her husband due to domestic abuse. This includes, physical, emotional, and financial. Leah had lived in terror for several years and was too scared to breakaway, because of the potential consequences.

Leah was belittled and made to feel worthless. Leah lives with learning difficulties, autism, anxiety, and depression. Leah is also epileptic. During this time, Leah said she felt like a slave in her own home and could not see friend or family. Leah became very much isolated, and her confidence was as it is all time lowest. The final straw for Leah, was when she discovered that her husband had taken £6k out of her bank account and when she confronted him, he came physically abusive towards her, and

Leah was scared for her life, she ran and left the house with nothing but her handbag.

Leah arrived at the Falcon Centre and after a conducting a support plan, it was agreed that she desperately needed additional support surrounding the abuse she had endured.

Therefore, Leah was referred to Living Without Abuse and the Zinthiya Trust. This was to enable
Leah received additional support. Both of which Leah was incredibly grateful for. The theft of Leah savings was reported to the Police, and this is pending investigation. However, Leah says he will be upset if she loses the money but equally relieved that she managed to get away from her husband.

Due to Leah anxiety a referral was completed to one of our Supported living projects, this a 5- bedroom house which after discussion we felt would be much more beneficial for Leah.

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