Ella's Story

Ella's Story

Ella had fled her tenancy she had due to domestic abuse, the perpetrator being her son. The property in which Ella was living was not deemed as safe because her son had broken in. That is when the abuse started.

The police became involved, and this is when Ella was placed into emergency accommodation, which was the Regency Hotel.

Ella lives with a mental health problem, whereby she lives with depression and PTSD.

However, due to Ella moving around, her medication was not available when required, this had an impact on Ella’s mental health.

Ella’s housing application had been completed and she was in a position of being able to bid.
Ella was registered with a local medical practice, which meant that she was receiving the correct medication.

A referral for Ella was made to our Emotional and wellbeing team and living without abuse.
Which is a twelve-week course that explores the beliefs of the perpetrator, the different types of abuse, and how to recognise the early warning signs. The programme also aims to increase self-esteem and confidence.

Ella bid on a property and came in at number 1, she accepted this and signed the tenancy
agreement. Now that Ella is on consistent medication, she is feeling more positive that she has for a while.
Ella says that the Freedom Programme is helping her so much, and she is managing her mental health so much better.

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