Thermofisher Support Falcon Soup Kitchen

Thermofisher Support Falcon Soup Kitchen

6 Mar 2024

Thermofisher has been demonstrating outstanding community spirit by volunteering at the Loughborough Day Centre every Wednesday evening since 2018. During this time, they have been running a soup kitchen from 6pm to 8pm, providing warm meals to those in need, including the homeless and vulnerable individuals in the area. Their dedicated efforts have resulted in the serving of approximately 1000 meals over the years, making a significant impact on the lives of those who rely on this support.

By consistently showing up to support the community in this way, Thermofisher has not only provided nourishment to those facing difficult circumstances but also shown compassion and solidarity to individuals who may be experiencing hardship. The act of volunteering at the soup kitchen demonstrates a commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of others and highlights the importance of giving back to the community. Thermofisher's ongoing efforts serve as an inspiration for others to get involved in similar initiatives and contribute to building a more caring and supportive society for all.

ThermoFisher Scientific, a leading scientific research and technology company a supplier of analytical instruments, life sciences solutions, specialty diagnostics, laboratory, pharmaceutical and biotechnology service, based across the globe, Falcon work closely with the Loughborough branch to develop a partnership with them., is known for its commitment to supporting various charitable causes, including the preservation of falcons. Through regular quarterly donations, Thermofisher help those in the community in need.

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Falcon Support Services is a Registered Charity

Charity number: 1103101. Company number: 04177320