The Success of Sing and String

The Success of Sing and String

17 Jan 2024

Throughout 2023, Shaena one of our support workers and local singer started a fantastic group called Sing and String, where residents, services users and even staff can come along and learns some new musical skill, pick up old skills or just enjoy some good music, throughout the year they worked together to produce our Christmas song and support several of our Music gig ventures through the year.

'Sing & String has given me a safe non judgmental space to be able to practice my instrument, and share music that I love with like minded people, it has also helped me ignite my passion and love for music that I lost and wasn’t able to do for so long’

‘It’s spiritual in a way, I look forward to Tuesdays, Sing & String is the highlight of my week’

‘Sing & String is uplifting and fun, its gives us an opportunity to do things we wouldn’t usually get the chance to do, When I come to Sing & String it takes my mind away from anything negative and helps me feel more positive for the rest of the day’

‘Sing & String brings a sense of community and builds self confidence’

‘I travel from Derby to attend Sing & String every Tuesday, I do this because I really do enjoy it, it gives us a creative space to build up our social relationships/skills, it also helps us build our musical skills with encouragement from everyone that attends’

‘Sing & String has given our talented residents a platform in order to expand their skill set and shine, as well as that they are teaching each other the skills they have, it also allows them to express themselves through music’

‘an easy going place where you can just relax and be yourself’

‘I find playing & listening to music so relaxing and calming’

‘Sing & String is a great group of people with varying levels of skills, who enjoy either listening, playing or singing. Such a boost of confidence.’

A statement from Shaena - I created Sing & String after realising the massive amount of talented people within our services who’s skills were going to waste, My vision for Sing & String was to create a safe, non judgemental environment for all of those that just love music with no experience or skills necessary. I believe that music in general is an incredible resource for escape and in a way therapy, it allows people to challenge their inner feelings in a healthy way, day to day we all listen to music but our music choice often depends on our moods, I know me personally if I’m feeling like a good cry I will listen to sad songs, If I’m getting ready and want to feel confident I will listen to upbeat happy music, Sing & String really gives individuals a chance to express how they are feeling through music instead of potentially harmful coping mechanisms. Being a singer if I have had a stressful day, belting out a song will often help me feel more relaxed and less tense, people come in to Sing and String exactly like this but leave with a smile on their faces and ready to face the world again. I have watched Sing & String grow and peoples confidence and skills improve massively, it is an honour to run this group and see people grow to their full potential.

Going into the new year the group is growing weekly and are now aiming to put a Falcon band together.

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