Joe's story

Joe's Story

Joe had a multi-referral into Falcon Support Services, this included supported living and support and engagement. Joe has been in and out of prison since 6 years and during this time he has not felt settled or achieved his long-term plans.

Joe was released from prison he had nowhere to go. This made Joe particularly vulnerable due to having a heart condition. Joe was anxious that if he did not find somewhere to go, he may start drinking alcohol due to being a binge drinker, this is when Joe can get into not so positive situations. That combined with sleeping on the streets could potentially mean that Joe would be arrested local Council were contacted on their out of hours number, however without a medical summary, they were not able to help Joe.

Staff called 111 in the hope of accessing and retrieving Joe medical records. These were located and the helpful operative advised they would contact the council on Joe’s behalf. It took two hours overall, between staff, the council, and the NHS to ensure the records were delivered safely.

After much back and forth, it was decided that the Council were not able to offer emergency accommodation to Joe until after the bank holiday weekend.

Joe was advised of the unfortunate turn of events and was asked to come back to the Drop in on Saturday, where staff could resume the negotiations with the Council. However, staff were advised again, that Joe would not be given any emergency accommodation until after the bank holiday.

Staff continued to call Joe and he was not answering or returning calls, this was of great concern. Staff eventually got hold of Joe and advised that we had a received a referral for one of our houses. Joe had paid for a hotel for the last few nights, and this had left him without money Joe was housed in one of our supported living projects and has completed a housing application. Joe is no longer binge drinking, he attends the gym daily and says that one of his biggest achievements has been passing his driving test and receiving his driving license.

Joe said in his most recent support session that he could not have achieved any of this without the support received by staff. Had he not moved into one of projects, Joe says he would be back in prison. Joe says he will continue doing well because he has come so far and for that he cannot thank us enough.

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