Helen's Story

Helen's story

Helen was born into a family with which through the years had many issues to deal with. At the age of seven Helen was sexually assaulted by a family member and raped. She could not tell her mother due to the family dynamics and the problems she would face. She therefore became a little girl with a big secret that she had to learn to keep to herself.

Her Mother had differing relationships whilst she was growing up. The one thing that Bunny she was absolutely sure about was that one day she wanted children. When she became older she became pregnant, and she was over the moon. She was however pressurised to have an abortion which she did, she was very sad about this. During the pregnancy after she lost her baby. Eventually she met a man who started her taking base after the cannabis then onto crack cocaine. Every time that she pregnant she would give up all drugs so that the child would have a chance to have a healthy start in life.

Helen came back to the Falcon Centre after being there before and this time she came for
seven months. In that time the staff were very supportive to her in every possible way. She was encouraged to be the very best that she could.

Helen describes having a very special relationship with her Support worker. She describes
herself as not being alive today without the help and support. Whilst she was with the Falcon Centre we found her a local GP and registered her with them.

We made an application for her to be register with the local council and included her on their
Housing List.

Helen always wanted to work with Medicine. We managed to secure her a position as a volunteer at the Loughborough Hospital. Helen was having problems at that time with her body clock and often refused to get out of bed. After numerous times of waking her so that she didn’t sleep the day away she finally managed to get up. It was a slow process and unfortunately by the time that Helen was ready they would no longer accept her at the hospital. Helen did attend Turning Point throughout all of this time.

Helen did have Debt Relief Order granted as she had a lot of old debt when she came to us.
This was very important to her as she wanted a new start and a new future that was drug and
debt free.

Helen worked hard and was finally accepted at the Rehabilitation Centre where she is now
working hard to become drug free and start a new life. Her recovery is long as is all recovery.
She is learning a lot about herself.

Helen is on the 12 steps and is now on step 4. She has just completed her life story and is
learning so much about herself and the impact that her life has had on other people.

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