Harry's story

Harry's story

Harry was referred to falcon in mid 2022, Harry historically used cocaine and spent lots of money due to his addiction. Harry’s mental health was on a downward spiral and Samuel could not find a way out. Harry started to drink alcohol on a more regular basis.

Harry has a 3-year-old daughter, who was placed on a child protection plan pre-birth.

Due to meant health, his relationship started to fracture and Harry became homeless after the breakdown of their relationship. which resulted in a nonmolestation order against him. Due to Social services and child protection being involved, it meant that ‘ 3-syear-old daughter went to Harry’s parents’ house who now have full guardianship, she will live there until she is eighteen.

Harry has adhered residents’ rights and responsibilities whilst residing within the Falcon Support Services. Harry continued to work with probation.
Turning point was discussed and yet, Harry did not feel he needed the support and was very happy with the support already in place within the Falcon Support Services.

Harry has completed a homeless declaration and then we registered on the housing with Blaby and District Council.

Harry proved that he was ready for a move on as 24-hour support was not required. A 2-bed apartment came free in one of our semi-independent projects, Harry was offered this and was elated.

Harry no longer drinks alcohol because his daughter and his parents are the most important people in his life and he has been told that he is able to stay over at his parents over the Christmas period, which means he will be able to wake his daughter up on Christmas morning.

We have completed Harry’s housing application; all his supporting documents have been uploaded. Harry is waiting for his bidding number and says his future is looking bright.

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