Ben's Story

Ben's Story

Ben has lived with difficulties with his mental health for as long as he can remember. Ben didn’t know what poor mental health was because he had always felt the same. Ben found himself in a long-term relationship with a female and they had a couple of children together, they lived together for 13 years and then eventually separated after what Ben described as a toxic relationship. Ben has never had close relationship with his immediate family and felt pretty much alone after the separation.

Ben continued to hold a job down that he loved and this is what he looked forward for each day and of course speaking to his teenage boys. One night Ben was minding his own business and he was jumped on from behind and he was severely beaten, his jaw was broken, his teeth knocked out, and several broken ribs, to this day Ben doesn’t know who did this or why.

Ben’s mental health declined further and one morning whilst walking to work, he decided on the spur of the moment to cut his wrist with a penknife. The next thing Ben remembered was waking up in a mental health unit. Ben was totally confused and needed to ask so many questions.

After Ben had cut his wrist he was found by a male walking his dog early the same morning, thankfully, he found Harry in time. This is when he was taken to A & E and then to a mental health unit.

Ben spent 3 month in there and was then placed in a B & B and was told he would receive ongoing support, which he never did. One morning, Ben received a call from the local authority to say he had been given a Charnwood (emergency) bed at the Falcon centre.

Ben came to us at the Falcon centre and was extremely anxious felt sick at the thought of meeting professionals again because he felt so let down and forgotten.

Ben was nervous about support initially, and then felt like he has offloaded years of torment and it was decided that support sessions would be twice weekly or more if required. Ben was made aware of additional support available with the Falcon support services and of course in the community. Ben said he was happy with the support he was receiving currently. However, Ben rarely left his room and isolated himself, other than for support.

After having several months off work due to mental health, Ben was advised that his job would be held open for him. Eventually, Ben started to see a very dim light at the end of the tunnel.

Ben and his support worker continued working on Harry’s confidence and eventually this was gained, and Harry now spends time out of his room and joins in with pool, watching the TV and showing much more confidence daily.

After time and patience Ben gained his bidding number and placed 2 bids, both of which he came first. Ben knew which property he preferred and after 2 weeks of anticipation, Ben was offered the property.
This property is near to Ben’s place of work too.

Ben is finally seeing a bright light at the end of the tunnel and is excited, and nervous about
his new home. Ben says, this is all he has ever wanted, a place of his own and a place where his teenage boys can visit and feel proud of their dad.

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