Purpose of the role:

As an essential member of the charity the trustees will work with the board to provide feedback and support to help with growth, management and development of strategy and in line with the overall strategy.

Trustees will contribute to the charity by bringing independence, impartiality and a wider experience from relevant sectors, therefore recruiting those with an operational/strategic management, youth and community, sales, marketing, housing, mental health, substance misuse, professional and financial backgrounds.

Duties and Responsibilities

Trustees have overall legal responsibility for the charity. They must ensure that:

The charity pursues its objects or purposes and complies with the law, as set out in its governing document.

The assets (including funds, investments and property) of the charity are protected and used exclusively to pursue its purposes.

The charity remains solvent and is not exposed to undue risk.

Trustees must act at all times in the best interests of the charity and its beneficiaries. They must avoid situations where their personal or other interests conflict with the interests of the charity and must not profit from their role unless it has been allowed.

Work collaboratively on a strategy with the board, including seeking investors and developing networks

In carrying out their duties, trustees have a duty of care to act reasonably and prudently and a higher duty in areas of their own expertise.

The trustees’ board takes decisions collectively and they must meet as they need to in order to carry out their responsibilities.

Trustees can only take decisions independently in their role as trustee if the governing document or statutory provisions, and a decision of the trustee board, gives them the authority to do so. An individual trustee cannot bind the other trustees to a course of action unless it has been authorised by the trustees as a whole.

Trustees are not expected to be experts in every field, but they have a duty to take advice when they are not confident about taking a decision.

Trustees need to remember that duties such as that to avoid conflicts of interest, act with integrity and not obtain personal benefit are triggered not only by their own interests but also those of individuals or organisations connected to them by personal financial linking or duties. For example, family, business partners or other trusteeships. Such people are referred to as “connected persons” or persons “sharing a common purse”.

Trustee Person Specification Essentials

• Committed to the charities aims, values and mission statement

• Experience of networking at a senior level within organisational management, sales, marketing, housing or finance

• Able to represent Falcon Support Services whenever reasonably required at a strategic level

• Understanding of the legal duties, responsibilities and liabilities of the Trustee role

Personal Qualities

• Ability to see bigger picture

• Non-judgemental, impartial and fair

• Willingness to contribute

• Tactful and diplomatic

• Respectful

• Willingness to be involved and learn from others

• Specific skills and abilities relevant to the strategic development of the charity


• Strategic vision

• Excellent communication, persuasive and interpersonal skills

• Ability to work as part of and to contribute to the team


• Experience of developing and implementing strategy

• Senior organisational management

• Implementing change and organisational growth

• Strategic networking, building and maintaining relationships to contribute organisational growth

Trustee Meetings

Meetings are usually held every 4 to 6 weeks with scheme reports sent out prior, meetings normally last approx. 1.5-2 hours and can be attended by conference call with prior arrangement. In line with the volunteer policy any expenses will be reimbursed.

As well as the quarterly trustee meetings there will be an AGM to attend. Trustees will also where possible provide support to the CEO or board by email or phone.

Term of Office

One year, where the board can stand down and/or be re-elected.

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