Stowe Family Law Leicester back Frozen Falcon 2024

Stowe Family Law Leicester back Frozen Falcon 2024

6 Mar 2024

Stowe Family Law's generous sponsorship of the Frozen Falcon event with a £400 donation is a commendable gesture that highlights their commitment to supporting community initiatives. This financial support will undoubtedly contribute to the success of the Frozen Falcon event, allowing for its continued growth and Falcons impact within the community. The partnership between Stowe Family Law and Falcon showcases the importance of corporate social responsibility and the positive outcomes that can result from businesses investing in local charities and causes. This collaboration sets a positive example for other businesses to follow in terms of giving back to the community and fostering meaningful connections with local organizations.

“Stowe Family Law stands at the forefront of family advocacy, where our commitment to supporting families transcends legal boundaries. As the largest team of family law specialists in the UK, our mission converges seamlessly with Falcon Support Services. Our Leicester offices recent donation of £400 to Falcon's winter ascent of Mount Olympus is more than a contribution; it's a shared journey towards transforming lives and fostering independence within our local communities. We recognise the unique needs of individuals facing challenges, aligning our mission with Falcon's commitment to promoting dignity, well-being, and positive community contributions.” - Stowe Representative

Stowe first opened their first office in 1982 in a converted cobblers shop in Leeds. Since then, they have evolved, changed and grown and now have over 80 stores nation wide.Today, they are the only national law firm completely dedicated to family matters. From their unique position, they help families when they break down with care, empathy and respect.

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