Frozen Falcon 2024

Frozen Falcon 2024

18 Mar 2024

In 2024, the Olympic year presents a unique opportunity to embark on a Winter ascent of the legendary Mt. Olympus, the home of the Greek Gods. Following a successful climb of Mt. Toubkal in Morocco in 2023, the team is now gearing up to tackle the 2,917-meter-high Mt. Olympus in Greece. The winter conditions will present a challenging climb with thick snow and ice, making it a slow, strenuous, and technical journey to reach the summit of the Mythical and Mystical home of the Greek Gods.

This expedition is not only about conquering a mountain but also about raising awareness for the causes of homelessness and its impact on individuals. The team aims to raise funds to support a room at the Falcon Centre for an entire year, providing round-the-clock life-changing support to those in need. The team members, including Lee Hardy, Alicia Butterfield, Emma Tattersdill, and Adrian Hosking, come from diverse backgrounds, including Falcon Support Services, Bexley Beaumont and the British Army, united in their mission to make a difference.

Frozen Falcon has successfully raised an impressive £5,445 to date. This achievement demonstrates the tremendous support and enthusiasm from the community towards this cause. The funds raised will undoubtedly make a significant impact and contribute towards our goal and objectives.

You can get involved with Frozen Falcon 2024 by donating towards the team's fundraising efforts to help motivate them during this extreme challenge. Your support is crucial and greatly appreciated as they embark on this epic journey. Join #teamfalcon and be a part of this inspiring initiative to create positive change and support those in need.

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