World Homeless Day: Spotlight

World Homeless Day: Spotlight

10 Oct 2023

Today, October 10th is World Homeless Day. Homelessness, unfortunately, continues to be on the rise. Core homelessness is described by Crisis in their 2023 ‘The Homelessness Monitor’ as “The most acute forms of homelessness” which includes rough sleeping, sofa surfing, and unsuitable accommodation. The rates of core homelessness in England are estimated to rise significantly in the immediate future, at around 20% higher than the levels in 2020.

Homelessness has both personal effects on the individual(s) experiencing it and financial effects on society. The ‘Human costs’ in the unique distress of homelessness are; an undermining of mental and physical health; barriers to education and paid work reinforcing instability; and perhaps the most notable, social isolation.

At Falcon Support Services we aim to prevent rough sleeping and homelessness through all our avenues of support. According to further research by Crisis ‘effective early interventions reduce the personal and financial cost of homelessness’ demonstrating the importance of a proactive approach to preventing homelessness.

The cost of homelessness on the public sector is much larger than the cost to prevent and resolve homelessness (Pleace, N. 2015). And certainly, the emotional cost to those who are, or have experienced homelessness, is unquantifiable.

One way you can assist early interventions in your daily life is by using StreetLink. You can alert local authorities and charities to rough sleepers in your area through this link to get faster access to support for those in need.

Or as always you can support through donations, volunteering and fundraising. If you are able to, please donate this World Homeless Day to help secure better futures for members of your community.


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