Save The Falcon Centre Campaign Update

Save The Falcon Centre Campaign Update

15 Dec 2023

It’s been 3 weeks since we launched The Save The Falcon Campaign following Leicestershire County Council’s (LCC) announcement to cease funding dedicated homeless support service in the next financial year.

The funding we have been receiving from LCC for the last decade equates to a yearly amount of £210,000. Without this funding for support staff, we become ineligible for higher rate housing benefit and thus, if we cannot raise £200,000 by 31st March 2024, we will be forced to close The Falcon Centre.

The Falcon Centre is our 30-bed hostel providing supported accommodation for those experiencing homelessness, it is also our Loughborough support hub in which we deliver recovery, wellbeing and support sessions, as well as the site of our drop in which averages at 50-60 visits from the community seeking support daily.

So far in the campaign we have raised £50,600 out of our £200,000 target,...that is 25% of our goal reached in just 21 days!!

With 107 days left till the deadline, we are off to an amazing start all thanks to our generous and compassionate donors.

To name just a few sources of fundraising so far, we have had; donations off all sizes from the public; grants from charitable foundations; a charity poetry concert; pledges from local businesses to donate £1 a day for a month; and signing 2 new Business Champions (Axiom Energy and BOAL) to our business partnerships.

Last week we held a Christmas Gig at The Wheeltapper in Loughborough showcasing our original Christmas single performed by Shaena and Pearce, along with performances by Up, Off the Rails and Brendan Green. Proceeds from the gig raised £450 towards our campaign.

The support we have had from the public and local businesses alike has been incredible, we truly appreciate every single donation and showcase of support.

As great as the news is of our success so far, we still have a long way to go in raising the remaining £149,400 before the end of March 2024 to maintain our face-to-face specialised services.

If you want to get involved in raising money for a worthy cause which affects the whole community, you can...

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