Samantha moved in following some time in the Bradgate Unit. She initially struggled to settle into Falcon Support Services and would go out regularly with the resident dog for a walk which she found very therapeutic. We supported him to access Universal Credit and manage his money better, addressing outstanding debts.

Accompanying Samantha to her GP she managed to access the Community Mental Health Team and was allocated a Clinical Psychiatric Nurse who she saw regularly. As her mental health began to stabilise her Support Worker worked on her physical health.

An eye test was arranged, and it came to light that she required glasses which were prescribed. Samantha opened up that she had been struggling with her hearing and following a hearing test she was referred to her GP and subsequently the hospital due to hearing loss.

Her mental health and physical health being address built her confidence in her ability to move on positively and after completing a Housing Application she moved into her own tenancy and was referred for ongoing floating support.