More rough sleepers will be helped off the streets and into safe accommodation with the Rapid Rehouse project opened 01/06/2020. As part of the Rapid Rehousing Pathway outreach workers will identify those that are rough sleeping and assist into a new property.

Rapid Rehouse provides supported accommodation for those that are homeless providing their own room, kitchenette and a main kitchen for self catering. Rapid Rehouse is staffed 24/7, to ensure that we can meet the needs of the client group.

With support on site we will help vulnerable rough sleepers get the support they need to rebuild their lives and gain long term permanent accommodation.

Who is eligible for the service?

Anyone who is currently street homeless will be assessed under the Rapid Rehousing pathway. Providing the client is not excluded, as a result of restrictions contained in Schedule 3 to the Immigration and Asylum Act 2002, they will be supported within the pathway. The definition of those at risk of rough sleeping is a narrow one and relates to those who are, or are anticipated to be, street homeless within 24 hours.