Falcon Support Services Away Day was held this week, celebrating the achievements of the charity over the last year but also looking at where we started, where we are now and where we want to go. Along with many charities we have worked hard to navigate many challenges, but also used these to generate opportunities and push ourselves to achieve the charities vision and goals. We continue to thrive and grow, increasing our services, impact and reach to vulnerable people in the community. In 2003 we worked with an average of 50 people per year compared to over 450 a year by 2018.

Our day started with welcome messages from Andy Cereseto, a representative from Falcon Support Services Board of Trustees who is the Community Drop In Champion.

"On behalf of the Trustees we would like to thank you for all your hard work. You are game changers." Andy Cereseto

One of the highlights of the day has to be the service users who attended the day to share their experiences of the services. Ex-residents gave emotional, honest and moving accounts of the difference Falcon Support Services had made in their lives and really demonstrated the charities ethos:

"Where you are today does not define your tomorrow"

We were really grateful to have Dr Andy Cope donate his time to give an amazing talk on happiness. Andy is a best-selling author, an inspiring motivational speaker, having written books such as ‘The Art of Being Brilliant’, ‘Be Brilliant Everyday’ and ‘The Art of Being a Brilliant Teenager’ (Capstone), which address how to be a happier, more motivated and positive person. Staff members all listened intently as Andy challenged our thinking and shared his learning from his research.

"Choose to be positive" Dr Andy Cope

Our final speaker Dr Andy Wilson, former Director of Professional Development at Loughborough University attended as part of his voluntary work through the Rotary Club's Loughborough Charities Together and provided an introduction into coaching and how this can be a useful tool in Falcon Support Services journey to become a psychologically informed environment in enabling further positive outcomes for our service users.

We spent the rest of the day planning for the charities future and discussing ways to improve and develop the charity to meet the needs of our service users, then closed the day with one of Stuart's own poem on saying Bye to his Addiction. A truly amazing and engaging day that allowed the team to come together, celebrate together, learn together and plan together.