“Thank you so much for all your support & help over the past months, I was so shut down I didn’t care about anything, but all your patience & nagging made me feel like I was worth something & I feel like a different person now.”


Geoff was street homeless with his dog Rover for many months. He regularly attended the Drop In for breakfast and food parcels but struggled to engage with services due to a chaotic lifestyle, substance misuse issues and having nowhere to leave his dog.


In the interim we provided Geoff with a tent, sleeping bag, clothing and dog food. Geoff was encouraged to speak to the housing team to make a homeless declaration, he was placed on an emergency bed at the Falcon Centre as part of the No Second Night Out Initiative, but this was unsuccessful.


Even though this had not worked we continued to work with Geoff, he still attended the Drop in regularly and continued to engage well. To help Geoff achieve attending his appointments, Drop In staff agreed to look after Rover while he attended appointments. Geoff was happy to leave Rover with us for short periods and this was extremely helpful in helping Geoff to attend important appointments. Geoff was supported to complete the GP registration form but was concerned as he did not have any photo proof of ID. The Drop In supplied a letter confirming Geoff’s ID, supported him in getting a Fit Note from his GP and made a claim for ESA claim.


Geoff continued to engage with staff and regularly attended the Drop In and Geoff was then offered a room at the Falcon Centre. Geoff is now working with his support worker to address his addiction and is managing his accommodation well.