Title of Post: Deputy Manager

Accountable to: Centre Manager, CEO

Hours of Work:  35 per week over 5 days

  • (varying shift hours between 8 am and 8 pm including weekends)
  • (This post is part of an on-call rota system)

Rate of Pay:  £11.95ph

To apply for this role please send a CV and covering letter. Please make sure your covering letter clearly demonstrates your expertise and how you meet the role requirements. This should be a minimum of 500 words and not exceed 2 pages.

About Falcon Support Services

Falcon Support Services provides supported accommodation and community projects to those that are homeless, at risk of homelessness, or vulnerable in the community.

Our service helps vulnerable people by providing safe, secure accommodation in a positive learning environment. Our staff work alongside clients to help them develop their skills, so they can move away from homelessness to living independently and positively contribute to their community.

We believe that “where you are today does not define your tomorrow” and this is true in relation to our service users that use our service, our staff and our charity as a whole which has increased its bed spaces by 1200% in just 17 years, and now provides a whole spectrum of services for our service users journey; from rough sleeping to supported housing, move-on accommodation, and independence. Our approach is to never give up on inspiring change in vulnerable people

About You:

In this varied role, you will inspire and motivate service users to make positive choices and change their lives. You will provide informal support and recreational activities to our service users either one to one or in a group setting. As an assistant, you will support other team members in fulfilling their roles.

You must have a true passion and empathy for working with our service users along with a dedication to Falcon Support Services values and performance standards. You’ll really impress us with your ability to build relationships with service users and engage them in positive activities. You will be dedicated, positive, and pro-active in your approach to work.

The role is challenging and rewarding, and we know that you will thrive here, with opportunities to learn, grow, and develop within Falcon Support Services.


To ensure the smooth daily running of accommodation projects

To ensure the delivery and integration of services of high quality which are compatible with the residents' needs and reflect Falcon Support Services’ overall policies.

To train and supervise staff to meet Falcon Support Services objectives.


Strategic and Policy Responsibility

To take lead responsibility for specific tasks/projects to ensure efficient service delivery as directed by the Manager.

Tasks include:

To ensure maximization of occupancy levels and minimisation of voids.

Ensure service user personal charge contributions are paid, recorded and logged achieving expected budgeted levels.

To ensure the cleanliness of the Falcon Centre and other accommodation projects.

Dealing with breaches of the License Agreement, issuing sanctions and Support Arrangements.

Managing responsibility for safeguarding and serious incidents. 

Work with the support team to ensure correct implementation and monitoring of personalised Support Plans.

To ensure regular monthly team meetings and case conferences take place.

To maximise positive outcomes and appropriate timely move on’s into independent living adhering to contract specifications (maximum of 10 months stay at Falcon Centre).

Monitoring Meaningful use of Time for service users

To support the Senior Support Worker to carry out monthly resident meetings

Dealing effectively with complaints in a timely manner and recorded in a consistent, precise manner.

To work in accordance with Falcon Support Services Psychologically Informed Environment Framework.

To ensure health and safety responsibilities are carried out and recorded by the responsible member of staff.

This includes:

  • monitoring the testing of alarms
  • room checks carried out and recorded
  • maintenance issues recorded and completed
  • First Aid box supplies are up to date along with blood clean up kit
  • Food hygiene checks and standards are maintained

To ensure Personal Emergency Evacuative Plans are completed for service users with additional needs.

To ensure Centre Management Duties are carried out by the responsible member of staff.

These include:

  • Responding and log referrals promptly, performing Desk Top Assessment of clients seeking admission.
  • The Kitchen budget is spent wisely to purchase healthy food; kitchen cleanliness is maintained and the rota is filled.
  • To work with Cooks to plan healthy and diverse meals.
  • To ensure the Warden Rota is filled appropriately.
  • To supervise Senior Wardens/Weekend staff
  • Coordinating internal referrals from the Falcon Centre to other Falcon Support Services projects
  • Additional projects as and when instructed by the Centre Manager

To assist in the development of, and to implement, monitor and review Accommodation projects policies, procedures and ensure that they are in accordance with overall organisational policies and procedures.

To ensure that the service meets all contractual and statutory obligations at a high professional standard.

To ensure the delivery of housing related support to Falcon Support Services’ service users is in accordance with internal and external quality standards and relevant social policy.

To identify gaps and improvements in service provision and bring these to the attention of senior managers and find solutions to meet identified needs, to achieve continuous improvement and high professional standards.

Ensuring the good reputation of the organisation is maintained

To competently ensure all communication about the service is communicated in a professional, accurate and effective manner.

To represent and the wider organisation in a competent and professional manner and maintain the highest professional standards at all times.

To work with the Centre Manager to ensure there is regular and effective liaison, consultation and effective publicity available about the service, with other relevant agencies such as referring agencies, monitoring bodies and the general public.

To manage, monitor and respond effectively and appropriately to service users, neighbours and other agencies or individuals who have complaints about the hostel service.

Service Delivery and Housing Management

To work with the Centre Manager to ensure that service delivery is compliant with all relevant contract specifications to achieve high professional standards.

To ensure that all service policy and procedure is understood and implemented by service delivery staff consistently and effectively, in compliance with legal requirements and other identified best practice.

To ensure that the fabric of all accommodation, their furnishing, equipment and the physical environment are regularly maintained to a high standard and in line with Health & Safety requirements. To report any concerns to the Health and Safety officer.

To ensure that all staff operates in accordance with Health and Safety legislation and they adopt safe working practices in line with Falcon Support Services policies and procedures.

To assist in ensuring that the service has a maximisation of occupancy levels and a minimisation of voids and take the lead on good practice standards where appropriate.

To ensure the referrals spreadsheet is kept up to date, desktop assessments are carried out and to have good communication with the referral hub and other referral pathways

To ensure that all required documentation is completed for new clients moving into the project in particular risk assessments and needs assessments

To assist in ensuring good practice on reducing abandonments and evictions within the projects

To oversee and ensure that all working practice is compliant with Social Policy, Housing Law and relevant good practice standards, with particular regard to tenure and internal warning processes.

To respond to, monitor and report on complaints received in line with the Complaints Policy.

People management

To assist in the operational responsibility of support staff, non-support staff and other contracted staff, relief workers and volunteers including all aspects of housing management, maintenance, health and safety, support and assessment planning.

To assist in leading and motivating the staff team to perform effectively and in line with internal and external quality standards, the Quality Assessment Framework and organisational policy and procedure and contract requirements.

Monitor, develop, improve and manage staff rotas to ensure the needs of the service are met efficiently and effectively. Ensuring that staffing levels are maintained to meet the organisational and operational objectives of the service at all times.

To participate in the recruitment and selection of staff and provide and arrange effective induction training for new staff as required.

To identify training needs of staff and ensure the training needs are addressed through personal development, on the job training, supervision and formal training.

To provide effective communication to all staff through written information, team meetings and formal supervision using effective management approaches to foster a positive culture and ensure high performance at all times.

To assist in providing annual staff appraisals in line with Falcon Support Services appraisal processes, and service and organisational objectives.

To participate in the on call rota and ensure that on-call arrangements are effective, monitored and meet the needs of the service.

Financial Monitoring

To oversee and ensure that adequate systems and procedures are in place for the collection and processing of Housing Benefit and Personal Charge in order to maximise income and minimise bad debt.

Continuous development of quality standards and controls

To ensure throughout all working practices and service delivery a high professional standard is established and maintained.

To assist in leading the staff team in providing a stimulating, client focused and supportive environment to meet the social, emotional, physical, health and resettlement needs of residents at the Falcon Centre.

To ensure that the rights of residents are understood, respected and actively promoted and that their views on Falcon Support Services performance are considered fully in decision-making.


To ensure good practice in the Falcon Centre, including referring and reporting, liaising with the organisation’s lead safeguarding officer.

To assist in ensuring that all staff are fully conversant with all Child Protection & Safeguarding policy & procedure.

Lead any crisis management response required during work hours.

Organisational Development

To promote the organisation and effectively publicise and market the core services at FSS, identifying funding and other initiatives within the local community.

To work collaboratively with the Centre Manager to develop the implementation and effectiveness of volunteers based within the service.


To undergo further training where required.

To adhere to and promote Falcon Support Services policies and procedures, in particular Safeguarding, Equality and Diversity Policy and Health and Safety Policy and procedures.

To collate information and evidence for service user involvement in monthly and other reports as necessary.

To undertake other duties as may reasonably be required by senior managers.

 These duties are neither exhaustive nor exclusive and the post holder is required to undertake reasonably determined duties within the organisation driven by the needs of the business