Ed became a resident after fleeing his property for his own safety. Ed was a victim of cuckooing. Despite being vulnerable to his own mind, as a diagnosed schizophrenic, Ed was a victim of abuse. 

The abuse that Ed endured, resulted in him drinking heavily, using substances, in a severe amount of debt and facing homelessness. Since living with the charity, Ed has built a great rapport with all the staff team and his peers.

Part of getting to know Ed was understanding what he had been through and understanding the areas of support he required.

We got support from the Community Mental Health Team and was allocated an amazing Registered Mental Nurse. Ed began to understand his own mental health better and understood the importance of his medication and engaging with support sessions.

Ed is now clear of any substance use, working together well with staff, he is now very close to being entirely debt free, whilst also having control of all his finances again. Thanks to the united support of the community mental health team and social services, Ed has a new flat to call his home, his fresh start.

“I feel brilliant, I feel free, I feel like myself again”. - Ed