Our Corporate Partnerships are specially designed to suit your business and your staff.  

More and more businesses are getting involved by contributing their time and skills to help make a difference in their local community anbring them closer to the heart of the cause.  

We have unique opportunities for your staff to engage in exciting an effective corporate partnership opportunities. Falcon Support Services would love to hear from your organisation!  

How your business can get involved and make a difference:  

  • Choose us as your Charity of the Year
  • Sponsor a Room
  • Volunteer Team Away Days
    • Serving hot food and drinks in our Drop-in service / Soup Kitchen 
    • Gardening in communal outdoor spaces  
    • Maintenance / DIY skills (plumbingelectricity, painting and decorating)  
    • Donation sorting   
    • Storage facilities / van hire
    • Trustee opportunities 
  • Promote Falcon Support Services on your social media platforms  
  • Collection buckets and pots in your workspaces  
  • Collection points in the workspace for required donations  
  • Employee fundraising events (one-off or monthly) – see our Fundraising ideas page for inspiration
  • Book First Aid training and Mental Health First Aid training for your team through Falcon Support Services

How it will benefit your business: 

  • Promote a stronger brand image  
  • Increase brand awareness 
  • Recognition in our Annual Report, on our website and on our social media platforms 
  • Your brand logo placed on relevant marketing materials 
  • Opportunity for PR generation 
  • Demonstrate commitment to making a difference  
  • Increased recognition within the local community 
  • Invitations to fundraising and community events  
  • Team building opportunities  
  • Increased staff engagement, moraland improved job satisfaction   
  • A chance to take part in creative and inspiring projects 

Please Contact us directly to discuss your requirements.