Adam was made homeless and moved into the Falcon Centre.  Staff soon became concerned about Adam’s vulnerabilities and the possibility of being financially abused.  It was decided that Adam would move into one of our smaller projects, which is designed for those most vulnerable.  Adam suffered brain damage at birth but had no formal diagnosis; he had begun to smoke Cannabis daily.

Adam continued to be financially abused online.  Staff worked with external agencies including an expert from Trading Standards to address the financial abuse he was enduring. Adam fell behind with his personal charge which was beyond the point he should have been evicted.  Through sheer perseverance of staff explaining in varying terms what was happening to Adam, plus teaching him how to stay safe and combat the abuse, Adam gradually began to recognise the signs, until the financial abuse stopped.


Adam was then moved into one of our projects with less support; he now has a part time job and no longer smokes cannabis. Staff are fighting to get Adam a formal diagnosis.