Carol was an addict to crack cocaine for 30 years, she had complex needs, a chaotic lifestyle and a lot of police involvement. Carol was offered accommodation with Falcon Support Services, initially reluctant and with staff perseverance Carol accepted the offer and began working with our support worker and substance misuse worker.  She came to us homeless and in poor physical health including serious breathing difficulties that meant she relied on oxygen cylinders, organ failure. Carol started to engage in support, through this Carol managed to get dentures through the dental practice, glasses to see and got her physical and mental health fully supported.  When working with staff Carol gained an income, worked on budgeting, managed to buy clothes for herself along with toiletries and food.  Carol not only began to look after herself, but she took a mother role in cooking for others.  Carol went on to a Drug Rehabilitation Centre.  Carol is now clean, improved her health and has rebuilt relationships with her family.  Carol continues to work with the Rehabilitation service but is now living out in the community successfully.  Carol is looking forward to returning to Falcon Support services on Recovery Week to give a talk on her recovery journey.