Amin, a young man who had left Afghanistan 4 years ago due to a threat to his life, arrived at the Drop In Centre on immigration bail, confused as to why he had been taken to Loughborough and had no options but to rough sleep. Due to his status as a failed asylum seeker, he had no recourse to public funds, wasn’t eligible for any housing support from the council, was destitute and walking the streets at night. He had no support network and was suffering with mental health problems (including suspected PTSD). We quickly referred him to the crisis team and adult social care.

The Drop In team provided him food and cold weather gear, worked hard to gain his trust and understand his story. We supported him to make the first steps to contact Migrant Help UK and ASAP (Asylum Support Appeals Project) to apply to the Home Office for Section 4 support. His application was refused so we assisted with an appeal application and in the meantime researched charities across the East Midlands, speaking to many, trying to find him a place to sleep.

With our teams support he was able to register with a GP and get access to health care and a prescription for his mental health. We liaised with the Red Cross to find solicitors who may take on his case for a fresh claim for asylum. We assisted him to obtain a subject access request from the Home Office and obtain all the legal documents he needed to be eligible for legal aid, something Amin could not have done alone due to translation barriers.

Fortunately, One Roof in Leicester City; a charity we spoke to which offer rooms to people in similar situations offered Amin a room in a shared house, weekly spending money, food and support.

Whilst Amin is at One Roof we are working with his One Roof Support Worker and continuing to provide him with help to obtain a solicitor, access Inclusion Health Care services and work with the Red Cross. Amin’s story hasn’t quite reached the positive outcome he hopes for yet, but we are continuing to be there for him each step of the way.