Poor health is widespread amongst homeless people. Latest research shows that 73% suffered from a physical health problem, and 80% a mental health problem. 39% said they took drugs or were recovering from a drug problem, whilst 27% had, or were recovering from, an alcohol problem.

To improve health inequalities we are:

  • Launching an Accessible Health Care Pilot Project in January thanks to funding from Leicestershire County Council SHIRES Community Grant. Working with Inclusion Health Care the Drop In will provide a Health Care Assistant for 3 hours once a week to enable them to complete initial engagement and background screening. Aiming to improve access to primary care for those faced with homelessness, reducing numbers presenting at urgent care/accident and emergency services and reducing health inequalities to the homeless in Leicestershire. 

  • Facilitating a Hepatitis C nurse on site at the Falcon Centre one day a week to test and treat everyone diagnosed as having active viral load. There has been new Hep C treatments that can cure the blood born virus and the work is part of NHS England targets of eliminating Hepatitis C by 2025

  • Providing opportunities to our service users to participate in physical activity thanks to Big Lottery money supporting Sport England’s vision of “everyone in England regardless of age, background or level of ability feeling able to engage in sport or physical activity” by providing support to residents to participate in one or more of three activities; boxing, swimming, and walking.

  • Working with Exaireo to provide a substance misuse recovery navigator who can help those struggling with addictions, access treatment and maintain recovery. It also includes Falcon Support Services holding Recovery Week in partnership with Leicestershire Police. Increasing the awareness and understanding of substance misuse issues and more importantly to celebrate all the people in recovery.