73% of people that are homeless have physical health issues making this a high risk group with Coronavirus.

Staff are working tirelessly to continue to provide supported accommodation for 94 individuals as well as supporting those who are newly homeless to be housed as quickly as possible during this pandemic and we need your help to keep homeless people fed, housed and safe.

We are requesting funding so we can:

  • Provide hygiene packs including toiletries, cleaning products, toilet roll, tissues and hand sanitiser
  • Provide kettles, toasters and TVs with brackets and aerials for individual rooms to make them more self contained and Covid secure
  • Offer entertainment: books, crosswords, jigsaws, adult colouring books, craft whilst in lockdown and/or self isolation

Your donation will help us to support the most vulnerable of our society, so if you can donate please do.


Why not take on a personal challenge and Create a fundraiser then invite your friends, family and colleagues to get involved and support you. You can track how much money you have raised and keep people updated on your progress.